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Paving Process

Driveway / Patio preparation

The ground is excavated using a mini-digger, and taken away in a grab truck to minimise disruption. Hard-core base is applied and compacted to ensure an excellent foundation. Any extra drainage or flowerbed designs involving curbing can be incorporated at this stage.

Concrete Poured, Coloured & Printed

Reinforced concrete is poured and levelled. Concrete is poured to a minimum depth of 4 inches (100mm). This is suitable for cars and vans to pass over or to park on. For heavier vehicles we recommend a minimum concrete depth of 6 inches (150mm).

The colour of your choice is then applied to the concrete. Diamond Crete then covers the concrete with plastic to protect the surface from rain. The concrete is then printed to the design that was chosen, and a brush finish is applied to the concrete to give a smooth finish.

Expansion Joints / Sealing the Concrete Paving

Within 2 weeks the concrete needs to be cut to allow for expansion joints. This process normally takes no more than an hour and a half. In a further 2 weeks Diamond Crete seal the concrete. The reason for waiting this length of time is that the sealent we use is a hard-wearing acrylic sealent which requires the concrete to have a curing (drying out) period of a minimum of 30 days.

Paving companies who seal the concrete within a one week period are more than likely using a water-based sealent which will not last as long as the acrylic sealent.