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?How long does the concrete paving process take?

It will take Diamond Crete approximately 16 hours to complete the patterned concrete paving for an average residential driveway. The whole paving process is spread over 4 separate days.

Excavation is carried out on the first day and will take approximately 5 hours; the pouring of the concrete slab happens on day two and will take approximately 7 hours; the expansion joints are installed on day three and take approximately 1.5 hours; the patterned concrete paving is then sealed on the fourth day and takes approximately 2.5 hours.

?What depth of concrete is used?

Diamond Crete pours a minimum of 4 inches (100mm) of concrete for driveways suitable for cars, vans and jeeps. For driveways where heavier vehicles will be parked a minimum depth of 6 inches (150mm) of concrete is required.

?What strength of concrete is used?

Diamond Crete use 30N concrete during summer / spring, and 40N during autumn / winter. This concrete is reinforced concrete for extra strength and durability.

?Can a power hose be used on my new driveway?

Yes a power hose be used on your new driveway after the patterned concrete paving has been allowed to settle for one week.

?What are expansion joints and does the driveway require them?

An expansion joint is a cut in the patterned concrete inserted at regular intervals to minimise the potential for cracks to occur in the concrete paving. We always recommend that expansion joints be inserted into the paving, although this is ultimately the customer's decision.

?When can I walk on my driveway?

People can walk on the patterned concrete paving the day after the concrete has been sealed.

?When can I drive on my driveway?

Cars can drive and park on the driveway 3 days after the concrete has been poured.